Behind the bakery

Who are we?

Baked Goods is an independent Australian media company run by a team of Aussie music loving weirdos, who are dedicated to giving hard-working artists a platform to share their music.

Founded by James Morris in July 2016, Baked Goods have stayed true to their commitment to pump out high quality filmed (and now written!) content for a diverse range of artists across a crazy mix of genres and levels of experience. Reaching over 2 million viewers over the past year, we are proud to have hosted artists from around the country and partner with the likes of  Party In The Paddock and The Hills Are Alive music festivals. We believe big bands should sit beside the new kids and that every sound deserves a listen. So sit back, grab yourself a doughnut and take in Australia’s bloody beautifully unique music scene.

Meet the team

James Morris

Founder/ CEO / Videographer

Cinnamon Donut

Chris Palmer

Media Relations


Holly Allen

Community Manager/ Social Media

Mums Chocolate Cake

Thomas Keyte

Audio Engineer

Hot Jam Donut