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Greta Stanley

Greta’s youthful, electric and emotional songs will leave you feeling like somebody has reached right in and given your heart a shake with both hands. The otherworldly nature of her voice and her music will hypnotise and mesmerise you as she draws you into her world within a single line sung.

After a hectic three years touring, writing and releasing music, 23 year-old Greta Stanley has secured herself as one to watch on the Australian music scene. “I believe in something, magic and miracles, I believe that love is fuel and our bodies they are vehicles.”

Greta recently shared the stage with a stellar line-up at the Grampians Music Festival in Halls Gap VIC and is about to release a single and film clip in late Feb before more shows along the East Coast and a bunch of exciting announcements in the works. Watch this space as 2018 is shaping up to hold big things for Greta Stanley.

“Self-possessed and mature, Stanley’s lyrics strike a balance between the raw… and tangible poetry.” **** Sydney Morning Herald.

“Full Grown is an album that I’m sure will be just as good a listen the 100th time as it is the first” – The AU Review.

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