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From a young age Hallie has never feared vulnerability in front of an audience. Infact, that is where the 20 year-old pop-rock artist thrives. Hallie’s innate aptitude to humorously comment on ordinary society, and express her own playfully honest and relatable stories, demonstrates self awareness beyond her years. Her quirky lyrical content pairs delightfully with the provocative and stimulating nature of her entertaining live performance.

Her sound consists of an extensive musical vocabulary with influence from a range of genres. From Joni Mitchell to Ball Park Music, from Stella Donnelly to Paramore, Hallie’s sound has been shaped by an assortment of unique musicians. From her indie folk roots Hallie has built a distinctive pop-rock sound with the occasional jazz lick. Each song of hers reveals the layers of her artistic maturity, her idiosyncrasy as the foundation.

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